Decking Maintenance & Treatment

Today more than ever, the deck is becoming the social hub of many homes. Decking can have a huge impact on the way your home functions for you and your family.

But the ongoing maintenance that a deck requires can quickly become an annual headache. As a result, it’s common for decks to soon lose their lustre and appeal. With our decking maintenance and decking treatment services, let us take care of the work for you. Our exterior painters have many years of experience building, painting and maintaining decks throughout Melbourne.
The best way to maintain a deck is by ensuring it is treated properly from the start. The finishing product used is important, but equally important is  to make sure that all the preparation work has been completed thoroughly.

At MJ Harris Painting, our Melbourne painters follow a strict exterior preparation regimen when treating a deck – washing and sanding all surfaces, filling any cracks and removing any blisters or imperfections before beginning treatment. When it comes time to apply the paint or finish, we use only the most premium products to give your deck the best chance of surviving year after year in Melbourne’s harsh climate.


If it’s been awhile since you last gave your deck some attention, give us a call and we will happily come to your home to give it an inspection. We will check for timber rot and other forms of damage, and if any boards need to be replaced our team of Melbourne carpenters at MJ Harris Carpentry can easily take care of that as part of the service. We can also touch up newly installed decking that was left unfinished. Whether your deck is well loved or brand new, we will give it the correct treatment to turn it into something that you can use with pride.

And if you’re concerned about the ongoing maintenance work required, don’t worry. We have an annual maintenance program that will take care of all your decking requirements and keep it looking fresh and new for years to come.

Take a look through some of our decking maintenance and treatment projects in the gallery above. Or give us a call today to arrange for a deck inspection.