Render Painting & Render Repairs

Render homes are becoming increasingly popular throughout Melbourne and Australia. Rendering your house gives it a clean, contemporary look – the only downside is that rendered finishes often require repair and maintenance work. If your render home is starting to look a bit weathered, we can restore it to its original bright and shiny appearance with our render painting and render repairs service.

We know that render can be a virtual magnet for dirt. That’s why we begin any render repair project with extensive preparation work, pressure washing your home first to remove as much of that dirt as possible. Our exterior painters will then coat your render surfaces with premium paints to help protect it from dirt sticking, making it easier for you to clean.

We recommend that our clients wash their render home at least once a year to prevent dirt build up. But if cleaning the render is something that doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, we are pleased offer a yearly maintenance program where we come and pressure wash your house for you and take care of any other necessary maintenance work.

Especially when it comes to rendering, there can be a big difference in quality. Surface preparation and the application of multiple coats of premium paint are necessary to achieve a professional finish and minimize the amount of ongoing maintenance work required. At MJ Harris Painting, we have painted many render houses across Melbourne and continue to offer a finish second to none.

Moreover, because we are part of the multi- trade MJ Harris Group, we have access to Renderers through our sister company at MJ Harris Plastering who can render any additional surfaces and conduct more extensive render repairs. From painting to maintenance to repairs, we can take care of all your rendering Melbourne needs.

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