Weatherboard Painting & Repairs

Is your weatherboard home looking a little worse for wear? At MJ Harris Painting, we specialize in weatherboard painting and repairs.

Weatherboard cladding has been a part of Australian home design since the early days of European settlement. Many of Melbourne’s period homes are weatherboard houses, and some of its newer homes have adopted the rustic charm of this style as well.

Unfortunately when you’re dealing with weatherboards, timber rot, paint chipping and fading are all too common concerns. Timber is notoriously subject to damage from Melbourne’s harsh climate, and even newer types of weatherboard cladding require regular maintenance to retain their shiny appearance. If it’s time for your weatherboard home to undergo a minor facelift, our skilled team of exterior painters can help. We have many years of experience when it comes to restoring or re-painting weatherboard homes.

Perhaps the most important part of painting a weatherboard house is the preparation stage. We have a strict regimen when it comes to preparation. First we pressure wash your home, removing all dirt, mould and flaking paint. Then we sand, scrape, fill, burn off and seal all surfaces as necessary – starting at the top and working our way down.

Our Melbourne painters use their power sanders on your weatherboards, sanding off any flaking paint, runs and imperfections. We prime ALL bare timbers and fillers without cutting any corners. We also flush fill any imperfections and spot up all fillers with an undercoat. Blisters and bubbles will be burned off and treated accordingly.

We gap fill any cracks you see, but more importantly the ones you don’t see. It’s often these “invisible” cracks that let in water and lead to timber rot.

Speaking of timber rot, that is something we will inspect for while the prep work is taking place. If we find any, which in most situations we do, we call in our Melbourne carpenters at MJ Harris Carpentry to take a look and provide a free quote to replace your timbers. As soon as we obtain your approval, our carpenters get straight to work replacing the timbers while your paint job continues to run, minimising down time. If you know you have timber rot that needs to be addressed at the outset, we can price for timber replacement when we quote your paint job, saving even more time.

From preparation, to painting, to repair, we have all your weatherboard home maintenance needs covered. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote.