Window & Door Painting

As with any painting job, door painting and window painting begins with the interior preparation stage. We will clean, sand and smooth down the surfaces as necessary, fill in any cracks and apply primer and sealant if required. Only then will we begin the painting work, using the best quality tools and premium paints to achieve an even stroke and finish.

Painting windows and doors can present additional problems because in most houses, the trim around windows is doors is painted white. This means that yellowing is always a concern. For this reason, and because we always strive to keep ahead of the industry and provide our customers with the best possible finishes, MJ Harris Painting has recently made the move to water based enamel paints for ceilings and doors.
All white and pale-coloured enamels will yellow with age. However, this yellowing is especially noticeable with oil based enamel paints. Oil based enamels dry and harden with time by a process of oxidation. This reaction of oil with oxygen, catalysed by metal driers, produces chromophores which are bleached by sunlight in exterior applications. When enamels are used on interior surfaces, particularly in poorly lit areas such as cavity doors, inside cupboards or behind furniture, these chromophores result in a yellow discolouration. Oil paints also perform badly in humid conditions, and require up to two weeks for all solvents used in manufacture to evaporate, so during that time they are susceptible to yellowing from contamination by some cleaning products.

Using water-based enamels instead, which retain their true colour for much longer, eliminates this problem. Water-based enamels are also a benefit when doing touch ups, as there will be no variance from their original colour. In short with water-based enamels:

• Odour is much lower, being that they are similar to traditional water based paints,
• Dry time is far quicker, allowing two coats to be applied on the same day,
• The problem of lighter colours yellowing is virtually eliminated,
• Touch ups will be faster and less obvious.

Once your painting is complete, you will still have a hard wearing, durable finish – one that will retain its true colour into the future. And of course, if you do require an oil based enamel finish for whatever reason, we are more than happy to accommodate.

Our commitment to using only the best painting products to achieve a lasting finish is just one more example of how we strive to keep ahead of the competition and put our customers’ needs first. When you choose to work with MJ Harris Painting, you can be sure you are choosing the most committed and knowledgeable painters Melbourne has ever seen.

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