June 7, 2016

New Home Interior Painting

Our painters Melbourne have been keeping dry these past couple weeks working on some new home for some of our regular builders. These premium built homes give our interior painters the opportunity to to show their skills in high quality spray finish. Our expert spray painter Sam and his team undertook this double story interior paint and were able to complete it in just over 2 weeks. We started with a very thorough prep regime, taping up all areas that were not being painted and filling all holes, gaps and imperfections. With all new paints we undertake a 3 coat system, 1 coat plaster board sealer to ceilings and walls and an undercoat to woodwork and 2 top coats of a premium interior paint. Usually in most cases we recommend using a ceiling flat on ceilings areas, using a low sheen kitchen and bathroom anti mould paint in wet areas. For durability we use a premium low sheen to internal walls, this makes maintenance moving forward very easy, with the ability to clean the walls. Of recent we are leaning towards using aqua enamel on woodwork more so than standard enamel paint. There are many advantages for using a water based enamel paint ranging from our to touching up.  At MJ Harris we believe we have found the perfect recipe for success when painting the interior of a new home.

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