October 27, 2016

Painting kitchen cupboards

Have you been thinking about refreshing the look of your kitchen cupboards? A cost-effective way of updating your kitchen is looking at working with your existing cupboards and adding a fresh coat of paint. Though choosing the right colour can cause many a meltdown in the household. Any interior painting project can do that. That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas for you to ponder.

It’s alright to be white

White. It’s a classic look that most people choose as their first choice. And why not? White leaves any room feeling bright and clean, the perfect ambience for a kitchen. And white also blends in beautifully with almost any other colour you have on your walls. The other bonus of white is that it’s easy to match up with a range of bench tops. Feel like white might be your colour? Wait…

Do you have children or pets that like to rub themselves all over the house? Then consider that smudges or food will be seen easily. So if you’re after that clean look 24/7, you may decide to go down another path.

Back in black

From the subtleness of white to the rich elegance of black. Working well with black kitchen cupboards are metal hardware such as stainless steel, brass and brush nickel handles. A semi or high-gloss finish will visually appeal to you if you’re looking for a lighter touch in black. Add plenty of lighting and your kitchen won’t feel as dark as it looks.

Grey’s Anatomy

Industrial. That’s probably the first thought that comes to mind when you think of grey cupboards in your kitchen. Remember, you’re painting your cupboards grey, not installing metal. Darker grey cupboards provide a fresh twist to traditional black kitchen cupboards. On the other hand, lighter greys then compete nicely against classic white kitchen cupboards. A little easier to keep clean as opposed to white. Think about that one for a while.

Don’t feel Blue

It’s hard to feel down when your kitchen cupboards are coloured in blue. This colour is sure to brighten up any kitchen in an instant, making you feel welcome and ready to prepare a feast for hundreds… if that’s your kind of thing. Add style to your kitchen with a touch of blue on your cupboards. It will also make you smile with its warmth.

Painting Your Cupboards

Once you have decided on your colour, you’ll need to find a paint that will handle the everyday wear and tear of what goes on in your kitchen. Along with a great paint, you’ll need to prepare the cupboards before painting. Getting this right is essential to the finish of the final product.

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