July 14, 2016

Port Melbourne Render Walls

Painting render walls can be difficult if the right processes are not followed or the wrong paint is used. This Port Melbourne project had rendered courtyard walls that required extensive repairs and a new paint finish. To start we had our expert renderers from MJ Harris Plastering come in before our exterior painters to begin the render repair process.

Render can become loose from the original substrate and can become ‘drummy’. ‘Drummy’ gets its name from when you knock on the render it has a hollow sound like hitting a drum. We removed all the drumming and began the patching process. This usually can only be carried out by a professional as it takes years of practice to be able to match new render to and existing render.

On this specific Port Melbourne project we had colour change to a dark grey. When selecting the right paint we had to take into account the colour, the base paint the colour is derived from and the sheen level. We often recommend a matte finish on rendered surfaces. The reason for this is render is a ‘thirsty’ substrate and can absorb paint quickly. If you are painting render by cutting in first and rolling second to can be left with a picture framing effect. This means the cutting in can stand out fro the rolling work. We have mastered the technique on completing frames render walls with a mixture of technique and product choice.

Our interior painters often use the same process when completing interior house painting with render walls or solid plaster walls. Rest assured whether we are working on and exterior painting project or an internal repaint we have the technique and product knowledge to complete the project at hand.



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