August 28, 2017

Preston Interior Restoration

Our team have recently completed the restoration of a Californian Bungalow in Preston. Teaming up again with one of our regular builders we transformed this home leaving with another happy customer.

This project consisted of a full interior repaint and plaster restoration. The ceilings were in a terrible condition when we first inspected and we major preparation had to be undertaken to get ┬árestored. After our painters prepared the surfaces when then sprayed in the cornices and ceilings rose’s whilst back rolling the ceiling beds.

The walls were dressed with timber panelling in time with the age of the home. The timbers had been there since the house was built and had seen some love over the year. Our painters went ahead and power sanded the flat surfaces and flushed fill the imperfections. Once the prep was completed and the walls were painted anyone would have thought they were brand new.

Areas of the woodwork were a stained timber finish but the client wanted to lighten the house by converting the trims into a painted finished. Armed with a stain restrain undercoat our painters sealed all the timber work ready to be painted. Because the timber had never been painted it had never filled so we then had the prep the woodwork for its first time. After numerous nails filled and gaps sealed we had everything ready for paint. We hit all the woodwork with semi gloss enamel in the colour ‘Natural White’ by Dulux to match the walls.


After all the hard work and effort were put in we were over the moon with the end result. More so, the client was stoked and looking forward to moving into their newly renovated home.


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