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Spray Painting

At M J Harris Painting, we have a spray booth set up in our factory.  We can take care of all that fine detail and mirror finish work that requires a controlled environment, eliminating fine paint dust or fumes in your home.

When spraying is the only option

For the bigger jobs, for example, where doors need to be removed to complete the job to our level of satisfaction, spraying is sometimes the only option.  Or if they need to be sprayed with an enamel paint, then they need a safe space where they can be left to dry with no risk of being knocked or damaged and where the fumes can dissipate.  All of this can be done in our factory so it causes no inconvenience to you.  On completion, after being thouroghly prepared, coated and and left to fully dry, they get brought back to you, where they can be once again fitted in your home, with none of the inconvenience or smell.

Often in our work, we need to replace a window or a window sash.  Working together with our team of carpenters at M J Harris Carpentry, we measure up, custom build and spray finish the window at our factory, then fit it to complete your restoration or renovation.

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