November 24, 2016

7 things to consider when painting the interior of your house

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So you’re thinking of painting the interior of your house? Here’s 7 things to help you on your way.

  1. Why Paint In The First Place

There are so many reasons why people decide to paint the inside of their home. It could be that your painting over old paint that has faded, or replacing the wallpaper that currently covers your walls. Maybe the kids have grown up and now is a good time to add a fresh coat of paint.

By knowing why you want to paint in the first place will allow you to work out what steps are necessary with your project. Planning to paint the inside of your home is much more than working out what colour paint you want. It can be a big job and the more you know about what you’re doing, the better you’ll be in making sure the outcome is exactly as you pictured it.

  1. What To Paint

Okay, you now know why you’re about to start painting. The next thing is to know what you’re going to paint. It could be that you’re going to paint the entire interior of your home or you might just go for a feature wall. Perhaps it’s the bathroom ceiling because the paint has peeled due to moisture.

Having a game plan of what you will paint allows you to work out how long you’ll to paint, how much paint and what supplies you will need, like plastic sheets, ladders, etc.

  1. Theme

Does your home have a theme? Some people like dark colours or a period look. Whatever your style, make sure that you match your new paint project to the theme of your home. Even if you were to paint one feature wall, the colour should reflect the overall theme of your home.

  1. Colour

So much emotion can be created by colours. Especially if you’re trying to keep up with or create a new theme for the inside of your house. Choosing the right colour is possibly the biggest decision you’ll make. Take your time on this step because choose the right colour will provide you with years of satisfaction when you walk inside your home.

And with so many colours to choose from these days, you can get lost in the decision making process. That’s why you need to know what you’re painting, why you’re painting it and do you have a theme that you need to consider.

Bringing home colour swatches is always a good start. By putting the swatch against the area you want to paint, you’ll be able to see what will and what won’t work.

  1. Timeframe

By now you’ve figured out a number of things. Why you’re painting, what you’re painting, is there a theme and what colour or colours you’ll be painting with. Then depending on the size of the painting project, you should be able to give yourself a timeframe as to when you think you’ll have the job done.

Hey don’t laugh. We all know someone with great intentions and yet, when they start a project at home, never get around to finishing it. That’s why knowing how much time to give yourself to complete your interior paint job will give you peace of mind. At least you have an end date to work towards.

  1. Furniture

If you’ve chosen to paint all of the inside of your house, then you’ll need to factor in time to either cover your furniture or move it out of the way. As you can see so far, having an idea to paint inside is one thing. Getting to the end of the project is another. Taking time to write down the steps to manage the covering or shifting of furniture will save you time before you start painting.

Or even if you’ve decided on a feature wall or painting a bedroom, you’ll need to know what to do with your furniture. It could be as simple as covering them with cloth or plastic sheets, to be a bit more physical and having to shift the furniture around.

  1. Find The Right Paint

Depending on what you’re about to paint will determine what type of paint you need. Doors, windows and trim are usually finished with an interior enamel paint. With walls, you will want to find a durable paint that you can easily wash. You know, when kids or pets get too close to the wall and “accidentally” mark it. And ceilings may also require their own finish to stand out from other colours you have on your walls.

Along with choosing the right colour, choosing the right type of paint is up there with the decision making. It’s best to find a paint type that is going to suit the requirements of your lifestyle and not just a paint that looks good.

Painting the inside of your home can be both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Exhilarating in that the inside of your home is about to have a spot of fresh paint applied to it. Frightening at the same time because there is a lot of preparation before you even start. That’s why we have so many satisfied customers because we manage the process the entire way for you. From our colour consultation, through to covering furniture and taking the necessary steps to keep your house clean whilst we work, we make sure that you don’t have to consider anything other than allowing us to work for you.

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