Home Restoration involves many elements from plastering and plastering repair, to wood rot repair and dry rot treatment. MJ Harris Painting offers full-service Restoration Services in conjunction with our sister companies under the MJ Harris Group, which has multiple divisions of qualified tradesmen to help us with our every need.

Our Painters Melbourne have successfully restored hundreds of homes across Melbourne with great patience and attention to detail.

Melbourne has a rich history and an array of homes to reflect this history. We like to think that our home restoration services have allowed us to restore part of the past. Our professional restoration services have seen us partake ins some detailed old home restoration. Our plasterers work hand in hand with our Interior Painters Melbourne re instating cornices and ceilings roses. With most of Melbourne’s old homes being solid brick or lath plaster, it is crucial to have an expert plasterer and renderer on board. We can guarantee that a qualified expert is working on your house restoration while undertaking your interior house painting.

Our Exterior Painters Melbourne work like clockwork with our carpenters from MJ Harris Carpentry to remove any wood rot and dry rot. Almost every house in Melbourne has exposed timber which becomes soft and begins to rot when not maintained. Bare and exposed timbers are targets for rot and can often be more expensive to fix if left un protected. When undertaking and exterior repaint, our trained painters source all damaged timbers and highlight the affected areas for our carpenters. On your request, we call our carpentry team out to replace any wood rot whilst our painters pre-prime all cuts and joints prior to installation.

Unlike any other home restoration companies, we have access to many other trades services such as carpenters, plasterers, renderers, plumbers, electricians, tilers, landscapers and interior designers. Having every trade under the one roof allows helps us to be the best house painters Melbourne has to offer.