Timber Rot, Wood Rot

Timber rot or Wood Rot can be the bane of a homeowners’ existence. We come across many homes where timber rot or wood rot is an issue, which is why we’re pleased to offer timber repair and treatment as part of our exterior house painting services.

Exposed timber, especially timber ends such as balcony beams and pergolas, are just two areas where timber rot or wood rot is likely to take hold. We also frequently encounter damaged timber on weatherboard homes. If you’re unsure whether you have any damaged timbers, start by looking at areas where there is poor ventilation or where water gathers. Or simply give us a call and we’ll be home to come do an inspection for you.
At MJ Harris Painting, we restore and weatherproof windows, fascias, doors and weatherboards back to their original state. In conjunction with our Melbourne carpenters at MJ Harris Carpentry, we can treat and repair the timberwork in your home, replace any damaged timber and restore your home back to its original state.

Decking can be another troublesome area for timber rot, since it is so exposed to the elements (and we all know what the elements are like with Melbourne’s temperamental weather). Our carpenters and exterior painters can work together to restore and repair an old deck, perhaps even applying a new coat of stain to give it a fresh facelift.

With any new timber installations, preparation is the key to success. We ensure that all wood is properly sealed and treated before installing it. Not only does this ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it also improves the life of the timber, saving you a lot of heartache and expensive repair bills down the line.

If your decking, weatherboards, windows or other timber features need some attention, trust our team at MJ Harris Group to restore them to their original appearance. Give us a call today for a free no-obligation quote!