Metal Work

Decorative trends today are introducing rusted finishes in a big way. The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is one of many examples. Although it can be an attractive feature, rust to metal work can also be detrimental to your home and it needs to be controlled.

In some older style homes, particularly Victorian, wrought iron lace work is a defining feature. Due to the fine detail and hard to get at areas in some of the lacework, rust can start causing staining to your paintwork.

M.J.Harris Painting have been eradicating these rust issues for some time now. With our sand blasting equipment and rust treatment systems, we can rid your home of unwanted rust problems. Rust if left untreated will only continue to grow and slowly destroy valuable features of your home.

Repairing, restoring & protecting your metal work can be made easy. Let the experienced painters at M.J.Harris Painting restore your metal work to its original glory and ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

M.J.Harris is lucky to have a fantastic factory set up, with our own sandblasting machine and spray booth makes the restoration of metal work a lot easier and the finish is next to none.