Marks and Stains

Stains or Marks can spoil the look of the paintwork in your home. Sometimes there is no obvious cause for them, and as there are many types of stains, there is no one solution to fix them all. First you need to ascertain type of mark or stain it is.

  • Is it from a leaking roof tile, or an unwelcome possum in the roof cavity?
  • Maybe someone at home has been creative and used a pen or texta to do some ‘artwork’ on your walls.
  • Or is it strange watermarks that appear in the bathroom just after a shower, but then go away once the moisture in the room dries out.
  • Even smoke can cause subtle stains on your walls, often not seen until you move a picture.

If you use the wrong stain blocker, the stain will simply keep ‘bleeding’ through and refuse to be covered over.

MJ.Harris Painting draw on our wealth of experience. We can come out and inspect your home, give a no obligation quote and we can give a guarantee that once we complete the job, the stain will be gone forever.