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Why Choose M.J.Harris?  Looking for a quality Melbourne Painter, here’s our job process for M.J.Harris Painting;

  • Book a quote and we aim to be out to you within 48hrs. If you work M-F, we can quote early morning, before you go to work or in the evening after you return, also on Saturdays.
  • Written quote: We will get this to you again within 48hrs of our first meeting.
  • For any quote accepted we will provide to you a free professional colour consultation service from our Interior designers.
  • An experienced team leader will be assigned to oversee the painting of your home, working with fully qualified painters and an apprentice.
  • We have an operations manager Scott Vaughn, Quality Control manager Gary, along with our Managing Director Mike Harris will be inspecting the work every one to two days during the duration of the painting and monitoring quality control.
  • A final inspection and walk through with yourself on completion.
  • A complete list of the finishes and colour schedule if any future touchups are required. We also leave sample pots of your colours.

A team fit for all

We have a diverse team of male and female painters from young apprentices to seasoned professionals with dedication and experience.

Also, we start early in the morning and are gone by the time you’re home from work so you can relax with none of our workers in the house, or if required in the case of an office or factory, we can work at night or weekends to complete a paint job with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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