February 21, 2016

7 Tips for Exterior House Painting Melbourne

7 tips for Exterior House Painting in Melbourne

With Autumn not too far away its best to get all your exterior house painting completed before the weather changes. Melbourne’s long and wet winters can soak all the exposed timbers left from flaking and loose paint, this is when timber rot sets in. Unless your a skilled handyman or handywomen, replacing timbers can be an expensive process. You need to hire a carpenter, buy the materials and then all new surfaces still need to be painted.

Here are our handy tips for your Exterior House Painting Melbourne:

  1. Safety First – Make sure you have the right equipment to get to those hard to reach places. You will need a solid ladder that you feel comfortable working on. If you don’t feel safe working at heights thats when you should call in the experts. Most Melbourne painting companies have their own access equipment or resources to hire scaffolding or machinery.
  2. Choose the right Colour – Colour choice is crucial and choosing the right colour can be hard. When selecting the right colours you need to take into account the houses surroundings and the surfaces of the house that isn’t being painted. Do you want tie your house into its landscape? Or make a statement in your street? Either way making the wrong choice can be an expensive exercise and even devalue your home. Using a qualified Colour Consultant can help you make the right choice and ensure you’ve made the right decision with colours. Before meeting a colour consultant you start >online or at your local paint store to narrow down your options.
  3. Choose the right product – Although colour is a very very important choice, just as important is what product you use. Our painters have trialled a lot of different brand and products and we believe the >Dulux Weathershield range is the best. Dulux have been testing their Weathershield products for over 40 years in all different Australian climates. Dulux are so confident their product will not peel, flake or blister in any weather condition that if it doesn’t deliver – they will replace the product free of charge*.
  4. Preparation – The key to a long last paint job is >good preparation. A thorough preparation job sometimes requires extensive amounts of work. Depending how far gone your current paint job is, you may need to hire a professional painting service. Make sure every surface is sanded thoroughly, and sand between coats. This helps the paint adhere to the surface ensuring your paint job lasts.
  5. Front Door Finish – Your front door is the entrance to your lives and often sells the front facade of your home. It’s often the main point of focus when entering your home, so we believe in making it stand out. This doesn’t necessarily mean to have a light bright colour, there are subtle ways to make it pop. You can change the sheen level to a high gloss to make it glisten in the sun, or pick out features in a different colour to draw the eye. What ever you do to brighten your entrance make sure your preparation is second to none because a poorly prepared/painted door can stand out even more!
  6. Start from the top down – Never start your paint job from the ground up. Just think, does it makes sense to work over the top of an already finished surface? This leaves it open to catch dirt, flaking paint and paint splatters from above. After your prep, then work your way down from your fascias and gutters.
  7. Know when to call the professionals – The best tip we can give is don’t be afraid to call a professional Painter. I know when my car needs a tune up that I am out of my depth and I could only be costing myself more money by having a go myself. If you have a double storey home or a house that hasn’t been painted in over 30 years, its usually best to call a pro. By having a professional painting crew come in and undertake your Exterior Painting work you can rest assured knowing it will be done safely and won’t chew up your weekends for the next 3 months.

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