July 3, 2016

Fantastic Finish

Ofter our painters come across substrates that have been long neglected or have vast amounts of damage. This was the case when our exterior painters undertook a Weatherboard repaint on the 1920’s Californian Bungalow. On this particular soffit or eave section that last painters had coated acrylic paint over the top of enamel paint, this is a ‘no, no’.

When acrylic paint is painted over the top of enamel paint is often causes blisters or bubbles. These blisters or bubbles start when the top coat does not stick to the original substrate and air pockets for between the paints. Our painters had no choice but to remove the blisters and the only way to do this way to strip the paint back to the original timber. With the use of heat guns, sanders and paint stripper we were able to remove the many layers collected over the past 100 years.

Once we had used a fine 120 grit sandpaper over the timber for its final sand, we undercoated the timber with Dulux’s new Precision Undercoat┬áto guarantee adhesion. Once this under coat was left to dry we finished with 2 coats of Dulux’s Weathershield Low Sheen.

When looking to achieve a fantastic finish on your home, be sure your undertake the right preparation before you paint. To read more about prep stages visit our preparation page

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