January 18, 2020

How much does it cost to paint a Weatherboard house in Melbourne?

In this article we have taken averages from the past two years to find out how much does it cost to paint a Weatherboard house in Melbourne.

The weatherboard is one of Melbourne’s most loved homes. Owning such a unique classic is an honour but does come with on going maintenance. 


What factors vary the cost of painting a Weatherboard home?

Weatherboard homes vary in many ways and often require extra hours in preparation. Home owners seem to leave their weatherboard home too long without painting or maintenance. This in turn can see the price increase immensely depending on how bad the timber has become. In a lot of instances weatherboard homes require timber repairs from carpenters to replace any timber rot or wood rot. 


Factors that vary the price of repainting your weatherboard home;

  • How much preparation is required?
  • Whether it’s a single storey or double storey?
  • How is the access? Does it require scaffolding or harness access?
  • Does it require timber rot/wood rot repairs?
  • How many colours will be used? Yes, this can alter the price!
  • Do you have any of the following extras? Front Fence, Garage, Carport, Pergola?


Average Cost of painting a Weatherboard home

In 2020 we predict the following estimates for the costs of a weatherboard repaint 

  • Single Storey Weatherboard – $15,000 +
  • Double Storey Weatherboard – $20,000 +


If you are looking to learn more about the process of painting your Weatherboard home you can learn more here.



Does it cost more depending on colours?

Yes. Using more colours can cost more due to time it takes to apply and the cost of extra paint. Also if you are going over dark colour with a light colour, an extra coat may be required.


Can I paint my Weatherboard house myself?

Yes but keep in mind if you don’t have the knowledge or tools to perform thorough preparation they paint may not last. Do some research into the best practises for exterior preparation.

Also don’t work at heights without the appropriate safety equipment. You may need a scaffold, harness and machinery. These tools may only be used by someone licences or trained in using them.

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