Ceiling & Wall Painting

Painting a ceiling or a wall takes patience and skill. If you’ve ever tried doing it yourself, you know that it sounds a lot easier in theory than it is in practice. For the smoothest and most quality painting finish, trust the professionals at MJ Harris Painting, where painting ceilings and walls is our bread and butter.

There is more than one way to apply paint to a flat surface like a ceiling or wall. Brush, roller or spray are the most common application methods used, but achieving the best possible finish may require more advanced methods. At MJ Harris Painting, our interior painters are trained to know which application works best for each individual surface. Whether we’re dealing with ceilings, walls, cornices or trims, we know the correct technique to achieve the desired result.

When painting a wall or ceiling, the quality of the outcome depends heavily upon the quality of the products used to achieve it. In order to do the right job, you need the right tools. That’s why we use premium rollers, brushes and equipment on all of our jobs. These tools, combined with premium paint products, helps us to ensure a quality finish and keep our customers satisfied.

Many people think that “painting a room” is all about the painting part, but they’re mistaken. The key to a good paint job is good preparation. That’s why we never begin painting a room without first undertaking extensive interior preparation work. Washing, sanding, priming, filling, measuring and applying painter’s tape – these are all essential to completing a professional paint job, and we treat these tasks with the same level of commitment and attention to detail as we do the actual painting.

In need of some design inspiration to give your ceilings and walls that personal touch? We can help with that too. Our team of Melbourne interior designers at MJ Harris Design will be happy to arrange an in-home colour consultation with you to determine the perfect colour palette for your requirements and tastes. For extra drama, we can even incorporate a feature wall into your room design, which can be highlighted with a different colour or custom wallpaper design.

At MJ Harris Painting, we believe that the key to mastering a craft is continuous learning and improvement. We are proud members of Master Painters Australia and are Dulux Accredited. Moreover, our staff members are regularly enrolled in courses to practice and improve their skills. We are constantly learning new techniques and trialling new products to keep us ahead of our trade. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures we remain Melbourne’s premium painting service, and the painters Melbourne homeowners trust to bring their homes to life with colour.

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