Timber Staining

Stained timber finishes can add a luxurious richness and warmth to any home. For all your timber staining needs, you can trust our interior painters and exterior painters to complete the job with professionalism and skill.

Finishes such as varnish and staining solutions are designed to bring out the grain and enhance the natural qualities of your timber. You can easily tell the difference between unfinished timber and finished timber. When done correctly, staining your timber can quite literally add the “finishing” touch to a room or outdoor space.

At MJ Harris Painting, we have the expertise and knowledge to complete any stained or varnished finish, from brand new timber installations (which our carpenters at MJ Harris Carpentry can take care of) to older cedar windows that simply have faded sills. No job is too big or too small for our team of skilled Melbourne painters.


If you have new timber that needs to be prepared, we will start by filling out any nail holes and cleaning off marks and stains from the installation. Only then will we apply the stain. Preparation is equally important for older timber surfaces that need to be re-stained; we will sand down and prepare the surface as necessary prior to staining, in order to ensure the smoothest possible finish.

There are many choices available when it comes to finishing off timber work. Oil or water-based solutions? Clear top coats, matte finish, or high gloss? Dark colour or light colour? Our expert painters will help you determine which solution is most appropriate for your surface based on the type of timber we are working with and the overall look and feel you are aiming to achieve.
Re-staining your timber can bring another lease of life to the timber your in your home. Check out some of our staining and varnish work in the gallery above. Or call us today to receive a free no-obligation quote!