May 22, 2017

Interior Painting with Dulux Lexicon

With winter right around the corner we are moving indoors for our interior painting season and with this comes interior colour schemes. Our colour consultants have been hard at work meeting with our clients discussing what they are looking for when it comes to colour and every has the same answer! They all want white! and we pick Lexicon!

Everyone is looking for light, bright and neutral, with fresh stark white trending highly. A common theme we have found is the whiter, the better. We tend to agree and the benefit of painting your home neutral is that you can quickly change theme. This can be achieved by dressing it with soft furnishings or wall art.

What makes Lexicon, Lexicon!

Our favourite of the the white’s is the Dulux colour Lexicon which also comes in Lexicon Half strength and quarter strength. Lexicon is derived for the greyer whites using only black tinters to make its shade.

As you can see in this picture Lexicon creates the perfect blank canvass, giving you endless opportunity to style your home with stand out features. Having minimal tint allows the white base to do its work, throwing a sensational crisp clean look.

Where Lexicon works best

Where doesn’t Lexicon work you ask? Well, that’s a great point but lets run through it anyway.

  • Brightening a dull house: If your looking to brighten your home and you currently have deep tones on your walls, this is where Lexicon does its best work.
  • Making a room feel bigger: Common knowledge for painters is ‘the brighter, the bigger’. Going white makes any room feel so much bigger.
  • Ceilings, walls and woodwork: Works very well if you are after one colour to do it all.

Over the past year we believe we have become somewhat experts when applying Lexicon and here are our tips for the perfect application.

Ceilings: When applying the ceiling paint use brush and roller, first cut the ceiling in then roll the centre:

Walls: Same method applies as the ceilings, cut around the edges and roll the centre.

Woodwork: Whether you are using enamel or aqua enamel use a 50mm or 63mm sash cutter. This brush will make cutting in those edges an ease.

Tip: When undertaking a house painting project make sure the colour works for your home. Instead of using the small swatches supplied in a paint store, purchase a sample of your colour and brush it our on a wall at home. Make sure the brush out area is at least 500mm x 500mm and preferably in natural light.

If your having troubles choosing the right colour you can call our colour consult team. We also offer free colour consults with any accepted quote.

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