May 23, 2018

Time to consider to paint your interior

When is the best time to paint the inside of your Home?

Winter is well and truly on the way and with wet season approaching Melbourne painters are looking for places to stay dry. Interior work is ideal for any painter during winter and painters strive to book out with interior jobs.

We probably shouldn’t be sharing this but you may find that during winter the costs for internal painting come down compared to summer. During autumn, spring and summer everyone wants the exterior of their house painted, including the staining of decks. Generally exterior painting comes around more often than interior painting as it requires more maintenance.

Melbourne painters are likely to sharpen their pencils when pricing for interior work at this time of year. We recommend if you are considering a repaint of your home that now is a good time to start looking.

Time to paint your interior


What to look for when hiring an interior painter:

  • A reputable company, someone that employees a team of painters and doesn’t sub contract out any work.
  • Find an accredited company or someone who is aligned with leading brands or affiliated with Master Painters associations.
  • A company that holds insurances gives you piece of mind that your protected.
  • A team of painters ensures an efficient job, the quicker it takes, the sooner your get your home back.


What are the best areas of your home to paint during winter?

There are many surfaces around the home which can be painted during these cold and wet months, some of these areas include:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Skirting boards
  • Cabinetry
  • Kitchen joinery
  • Staircases and balustrades




We understand that for some people painting the whole house at one time can be daunting. Thats why we recommend to those who can’t to it in one hit, its best best to break it up. This takes away the stress of having to move furniture and finding areas to store your items.



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