October 29, 2015

Protect your decking before Summer really heats up!

With Summer fast approaching now more than ever is it most important to protect you deck before the summer heat sets in! With Australia’s harsh weather conditions taking their toll on our exposed timber it’s common for decks to soon loose their lustre and appeal.

The key to maintaining a decking or exposed timber work is preparation! M.J.Harris Painting only use the highest quality premium products, that will give your deck the best chance of not only looking its best through the summer months but ensuring it lasts year on year.

If your decking our outdoor timber work needs repair work, replacing or re-staining contact us on 9431 1177 for a free quote. We have the yearly ongoing maintenance covered too with out deck maintenance program, we simply contact you once every 12 months to see if your decking needs any routine repair or restraining work, one less thing for you to worry about!

Photo credits: Pinterst



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