Mould grows best in damp, poorly ventilated areas of your home. Airborne mould spores are commonly found in both inside and outside environments, so if you have a dark corner in your home that retains moisture, overtime mould can grow.

Mould is not always easy to recognise. It can look like soft fuzz or appears as a stain, smudge or discolouration. Mould is not only unsightly but it can cause health issues, specifically for people with respiratory infections or asthma.


The team at M.J.Harris Painting know how to get to the route cause of any mould problem, be it a leaking roof, a poorly ventilated laundry, or damage from flooding.

We can inspect your premises to remove the damaged or effected plaster. With the help of M.J.Harris Carpentry, we can replace any damaged or rotted timber and restore the damaged area. Once we’ve eliminated the cause, then we use Dulux Wash n Wear Kitchen & Bathroom as extra insurance that there will be no further problems with dampness.