The entire team care as if it is their home

Published October 9, 2015

Never before have my wife and I worked with such a professional group. Painting, sounds simple, doesn’t it? But if your home is a few years old there may be some timber, such as a pergola, that needs a bit of work – M.J.Harris can do this, with a really good carpenter and team on call. Oh, need a bit of electrical done? M.J.Harris can fix that too, again at the same professional level. Worried about having painters in your home while you are at work? Don’t be. The entire team care as if it is their home. We’ve even had things continue seamlessly while I’ve been working interstate. All I can do is endorse the comments below. Mike is a professional, but he is also a man with a passion and a vision, and he gathers similar people around him into his company. BTW – need a brilliant cabinet maker? Ask Mike! He can provide! A complete service, and one of the highest quality.